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[i am not becoming a mcr fangrrl]

My brain is horribly broken. Whilst wandering through friends-of-friends-of-friendslists, I came across bexless's "Strange Delights", which is a long, plotty, porny, romantic Frank/Gerard first-time h/c.

That's seven descriptors. Six of them are my favorite things in fic, and I liked the story so much that I thought I'd best brush up on the seventh. So I wandered through the f-o-f-o-flists some more and came upon renne's excellent three-part MCR picspam, designed to tell the newbie everything you need to know about why Frank/Gerard should be your One True Pairing. I can't say as I've been converted. Which is good, because the last thing I need is another fandom--especially one based on source material I don't particularly want to watch (or in this case listen to).

But my fangrrl spider-sense is now trying to tell me that, in some of those pictures, Gerard Way looks a lot like...a young Paul Gross. Not the ones where he's outlandishly made up, of course (which is most of them) or the ones where he's screaming or his head's being eaten by long sweaty hair or, you know, where he's a platinum blond (although the platinum blond ones are often very pretty). But some of the ones where he's just kind of sitting around looking pensive, or the ones where he's onstage with normal curly black hair and a bit of eyeliner, or the ones where he's licking things (frequently Frank).

I said it was broken.
Tags: due south, fangrrl, mcr
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