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[soundtrack notes: supernatural]

Artfulness points are given on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is brilliantly subtle commentary in song form and 1 means the lyrics are describing exactly what's happening.

Song points are also given on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is a great song and 1 is "MacArthur Park".

Genre is noted because I kept writing things like "Song Points: 7 if you like punk". Noting the genre takes fewer keystrokes than adding the disclaimer.

1x1: Pilot
"Boulevard Of Broken Dreams", Green Day (appears in unaired version of pilot only): to set the scene of Sam's life at Stanford. Self-explanatory. Artfulness points: 4. Song points: 7. Genre: alternative rock.

"Ramblin' Man", the Allman Brothers: as Dean comes out of a gas station. To make sure we know he lives on the road, can't be pinned down, etc etc. Artfulness points: Negative two zillion. Song points: 8. Genre: classic rock-country.

"Back In Black", AC/DC, opening chords: as the brothers head down the road in their 1967 Chevy Impala, which is black. Artfulness points: 2. Song points: 5. Genre: classic rock-metal.

"Highway To Hell", AC/DC: as the brothers drive around looking for their dad. AP: 2. Song points: 5. Genre: classic rock-metal.

1x2: Wendigo
"Hot Blooded", Foreigner: playing when Sam wakes up from a dream of his dead girlfriend's rising from the grave to kill him. Intended to highlight Sam's uncharacteristic aggression re: wanting to get back at whoever killed his dad and girlfriend. Artfulness points: 2. Song points: 2. I hate this song. Genre: classic rock.

1x3: Dead In The Water
Unidentified song by Ratt: while the brothers drive. Genre: classic rock-metal.

1x4: Phantom Traveler
"Paranoid", Black Sabbath: while the brothers are buying cheap suits. No apparent relevance. Artfulness points: 0. Song points: 5. Genre: classic rock-metal.

1x5: Bloody Mary
"Rock Of Ages", Def Leppard: while the brothers drive. No apparent relevance. AP: 0. SP: 5. Genre: classic rock-metal.

1x6: Skin
"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida", Iron Butterfly: while a girl is being held hostage and tortured. No apparent relevance, except that this song is very long and makes absolutely no sense, therefore could refer to waking nightmares. AP: 0. SP: 2. Genre: classic rock.

Unidentified song by Filter: out-of-chronology sequence showing how she got captured and how the shapeshifter switched from Dean's form to something else in a very gory fashion. I don't even know the genre. I don't think I've ever knowingly heard anything by Filter.

"All Right Now", Free: at the end of the episode when the brothers appear to have gotten away safely. AP: 5. SP: 4. Genre: classic rock.

1x7: Hook Man
Unidentified song by Quiet Riot: while the brothers drive. Genre: classic rock-metal.

1x8: Bugs
"Rock Of Ages", Def Leppard: sets the scene outside a biker bar. Still no apparent relevance other than scene-setting; I guess this show's music director just likes the song. AP: 0. SP: 5. Genre: classic rock-metal.

Unidentified song by the Scorpions: while the brothers drive. Genre: classic rock-metal.

1x9: Home
No identified songs.

1x10: Asylum
No identified songs.

1x11: Scarecrow ooo, one of my personal favorite folk customs
"Bad Company", Bad Company: as Meg is hitchhiking and someone picks her up. The song is self-referential. The lyrics are about how the singer is in this band and that's why they call him Bad Company--both because he is a badass and because his band is called Bad Company! So very clever! Not. Anyways, in this context it's a lot more straightforward: Meg is EEEEVIL and not good (or safe) company for anyone. Artfulness Points: 7. Song Points: 2. I hate this song. Genre: classic rock.

1x12: Faith
"Don't Fear The Reaper", Blue Oyster Cult: as it is determined that the Monster Of The Week is a reaper. People fear him. Even though, as the TWoP recapper says, they are told not to. Artfulness Points: 7. Song Points: 9. Genre: classic rock.

1x13: Route 666
Unidentified Bad Company song, which I'm going to guess is "Feel Like Making Love" because it's played while Dean and his ex-girlfriend have Tragic Reunion Sex. (Tragic because they can Never Be Together [tm] due to Dean's rambling lifestyle, not because the reunion itself is tragic.) Artfulness Points: 0. Song Points: 0. I hate this song so much that the season as a whole, so far, is losing overall Song Points for using this song. Genre: classic rock.

1x14: Nightmare
Unidentified Bob Seger song. Genre: classic rock, kind of country-flavored but not whiny.

Non-song classic rock reference: Dean and Sam, posing as priests, introduce themselves as Father Simmons and Father Frehley. Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley are two of the members of Kiss. Genre: classic rock-metal.

1x15: The Benders
No identified songs.

1x16: Shadow
No identified songs.

1x17: Hell House
Unidentified Blue Oyster Cult songs. Apparently there was some kind of mystic symbol that appeared on the cover of a Blue Oyster Cult album, and in the episode it's used as wannabe-Goth graffiti. Genre: classic rock.

1x18: Something Wicked
"Road To Nowhere", Ozzy Osbourne: as the brothers drive off into the sunset at the end of the episode. Sam is regretting his lost innocence [i.e. because he knows there are demons and stuff out there, and wishes he didn't] and Dean is regretting Sam's lost innocence but not his own. Possibly the song is supposed to imply the futility of wishing to turn back the clock, knowledge-of-existence-of-demons-wise, but I've never heard it so I'm not sure. Artfulness points: Based only on the title, 5. Not bad. Song points: Never heard it. Genre: Again, never heard the song, but Ozzy generally sings classic metal.

1x19: Provenance
No identified songs.

1x20: Dead Man's Blood
No identified songs.

1x21: Salvation
"Carry On Wayward Son", Kansas: over clips of The Boys' History So Far as it relates to their family. The line 'I hear the voices when I'm dreaming' plays over a clip of Sam being incapacitated by psychic visions which give him awful headaches. Artfulness Points: 7. Song Points: 7. Genre: classic rock.
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