missiondoll (missiondoll) wrote,

Newlyn Town

An idea for The Thing. I've been thinking about the Mendes sisters. More about that later, but I want to blog this before I forget it: Is the ballad "Newlyn Town" Dan Mendes' story? It's about a good boy who gets married at seventeen and turns outlaw to support his demanding bride. I've been looking for a reason that Dan's first daughter (Josiah, the warrior) might've been born when he was very young, certainly less than twenty. "Newlyn Town" offers a plausible scenario for a teenage groom.

Oh, and the next song on my iTunes is "Brothers In Arms", which must be useful for something, but for who? I'm thinking of the three stories about the three sets of brothers (Nathan and Peter, Dean and Sam, the Donnellys), but it'd be too obvious to have it be about actual brothers. Think about that some more.
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