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notes on "Manhunt"

Notes on the due South episode "Manhunt".

Leslie Nielsen! Yaaay! Being serious and badass! (at least in the bar scene before the opening credits)

Fraser is lecturing to a class of very bored kids. His hair is gelled. He pronounces "at all" as "a-tall".

I also think that when fanwriters write about Fraser meeting women, they forget about how he interacts with Julie in this episode. Even when he thinks she's implying she's in love with him, yes he's uncomfortable, but it's not the same way he gets uncomfortable when Elaine or Francesca closes in on him.

Ray V is a bad bad man...he tells a woman calling about a lost cat to contact the Duck Boys. :)

Fraser recognizes the watch. RCMP field issue circa 1950. Fraser wears his dad's.

Frobisher: "I'm Buck Frobisher. I've taken down more men than you've ever met. The day I take help from a boy like you is the day I put this gun to my own head."

Fraser Sr.'s journal: "A friend is someone who won't stop until he finds you and brings you home."

Fraser is wearing the brown leather jacket again!

Leslie Nielsen is amazing. The scene with him and Fraser in the hotel room...Fraser's voice is the only thing that betrays how upset he is, it's pitched a bit higher than usual.

Frobisher shows up on horseback, with an extra horse. Fraser's standing guard at the Consulate, but when Frobisher shows up he gives this little sideways smile and leaves his post.

Female cop, looking at Fraser and Frobisher in uniform: "Now, there's a country that knows what to export."

Ray V gives F&F the speech about "You stay...in the car. When I come back, I expect to find you in the car." F&F promptly depart, but Fraser says to Dief, "When I come back, I expect to find you in the car." Hee.

Fraser and Geiger doing quarterstaff fighting on the roof with pipes. Cool. Geiger sticks Fraser in the leg with a hunting knife. So very not cool.

Fraser in the ER recovery room, on some drugs looks like, and he is a really horrible shade of pale. Once he gets up and starts running around, he looks a lot better, but I find his lack of trousers disturbing.

Chase chase chase. Fight fight fight. I forget, sometimes, that by early 90s standards this was a heavily action-oriented show.
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