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notes on "Free Willie"

Apparently I need to watch "Slings And Arrows", as it stars Paul Gross.

Notes on the due South episode "Free Willie".

Yay, we have reached the presence of some more series regulars: Elaine, the Duck Boys, and (my favorite as always) Lt. Welsh.

Fraser is so awesome! He makes Willie do housework, then pays him for it. Come to think of it, he treats Willie like an adult most of the time. Smart guy. This episode might be the beginning of the "Fraser is a godlike being" mystique. And? He looks even hotter in the brown uniform than in the red serge or the dress uniform.

Willie: "Fraser? You know even crack dealers are afraid to come into this neighborhood?"

Paul Gross is tremendously hot, but his jawline is kind of not his strong point.

Fraser is having a really good time driving the horse carriage...it's so cute.

Song during car/horse cart chase: "It's All Over" (Headstones)

During the second car chase, the Riv knocks over a tall garbage can full of what looks like green styrofoam packing peanuts for no apparent reason.

Aaaand...we have the Hat dialogue. It does not quite rival the Hawks/Leafs Debate from "Strange Bedfellows" for sheer awesome timing, but it comes close.

Fraser in civvies. You know, his waistline's not really Paul Gross's strong point either. Oh well.
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