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[fun with the OTP generator]

As always, some of the things the Generator comes up with are self-evident, or at least logical.

Dickon has a shrine to ABear

GrumpyBear is stalking Malvolio

Based on his behavior, I'd say Grumpy Bear has already caught him.

Some of them would make genuinely interesting stories if there was a plausible way for the two 'verses to interact.

Hera secretly desires CounselorTroi

Hey, Zeus hooks up with mortals all the time...it's only fair Hera should have a turn. Although I'd probably only buy it if Troi were on Earth at the time.

Titania yearns for Tybalt

Same thing. Mercutio's the one who has lines about Queen Mab, but I've always thought of him as the nearest thing R&J has to either a trickster figure or a Fool, meaning that the spirit who'd appeal to him most would be Puck.

FrankNFurter is shagging Loki

Honestly, FrankNFurter's shagged weirder things than a god.

MichaelVaughn has an eye on DocBrown

Vaughn worked for the CIA, Doc Brown bought plutonium from a foreign power...this one practically writes itself. At least if you leave out the slash. Doc Brown is one of those characters you never want to picture having sex.

Wendy fangirls MaryPoppins

Fans of Cheshire Crossing have already seen that this is true.

BigPete dreams about RobinHood

I suppose this is theoretically possible, but I don't think Robin Hood's quirky enough for Big Pete to dream of him. Ellen might, though, or Artie.

Desire is flirting with JaneLane

Considering Jane's conflicting emotions about Tom and Daria, this could be kind of interesting.

Crowley fangirls Jareth

Well, really, who doesn't?

And some are thoroughly impossible, but very amusing to contemplate.

IndianaJones wants to take it out back with MalReynolds

Yes, yes I'm sure he does.

Rockapella is serenading MisterSpock

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